Bandits Name

After much consideration and many wonderful suggestions by a few people; the name for the puppy is: Bandit.


He is smart, funny, sneaky, and steals things.

Last night I was sitting watching him and he put down his little squeaky tennis ball and look around. When I looked away he walked right to my sock that was on the ground in front of him, picked it up and carried it off. He blends into the night so really all I could see was his eyes and my sock being removed from the room.

And last night when I was on the bed he stole my pillow, he stole my larger body pillow to snuggle up against too. He picked which side of the bed he wanted. Okay that didnt last as I am pretty set on the side of the bed I sleep on; and he is only 5 pounds where I am more than 5 pounds. 🙂 And he did move to the bottom of the bed and only once or twice came up to the top.

Today I caught him with one of my stuffed animals that is at least twice his size. I took it away. I put it back where it was on a table like thing. I then watched him as he looked and tilted his head and thought for a moment. Then jumped to get one.

I took a piece of paper away from him. I dont know where he got it from. So then he blinks and a few minutes later I hear the small riping sound of paper. The source was the recycle bag next to me.

And above all he stole my heart with one look when I picked him up. I knew instantly which one he was.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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