Okay so I have had Bandit for a while now, since Monday, and he is a bundle of energy and joy and mischievousness. He thinks the bed is his. He likes the pillows. He jumps, he runs, he barks as loud as a big dog and then hides behind my leg for safety. He sleeps mostly through the night.

Last night I tried to run him a lot to wear out some of that energy. I thought that if I did that he wouldn’t get up at 6:00-6:30 am. I was counting on it. He was up last night playing and then went back to sleep around 11 something. What time did he wake up this morning: 5:15 am. I can hear the laughter from my friends now. Yes, even those of you half a world away from me, I heard that! 😉

So, he is 12 weeks old and is already trying to have sex with the chocolate lab. I am guessing its a guy thing. The lab looks at me like, “You wanted a puppy and you got a puppy.” She has growled at him a few times and he is learning.

We are working on fetch, which inside he is better at it than outside. Outside I get the look “we are not in school this is play play play time!”

He will pick up a tennis shoe and jump onto the couch with it. I look at him and he isn’t chewing on it. Look away and he does. He really is a bandit.

I had forgotten how much work, energy, laughter, and fun puppies could be.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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