Adventures with Bandit

Bandit has this new habit of wanting to chew on sticks. He will find one that is his new fav to chew on and want to bring it in from outside with him. I take it away and toss it back outside and he wants to go back out to get it. So he will then stand there and drop it only to pick it up again at the last second before he comes back inside. I get it away from him to do this over again. It is funny the look he gives me like, “But I want the stick!”

So, he got it inside and chewed it up. Made a mess actually. He then went and grabbed the one attachment to the vacuum cleaner that was sitting at the location of his last assistance in pruning a plant job and brought it down and dropped it off a few feet away from the mess he created.

At least he was being helpful! He forgot the rest of the vacuum cleaner, but he is small only 10 pounds or so can’t carry it all so he brought the piece he could.

He is so angelic when he is sleeping. 🙂


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