Internet Footprint

Every now and then I search the Internet for myself.  Its actually interesting to see what information is out there about someone.  So I was looking and I have done a good job of cleaning up the Internet Footprint.  I ran across one of those “join and/or pay and we will give you all public information about the person” sites.  It is a new one I hadn’t seen before.  So I entered into the “search” a relatives name.

The relatives name I entered has been deceased since 2000.  According to the site they are 105 and alive and well.  Another relative that has been deceased since 1996 is 106 this year and alive and well.

I did not join the site or pay the money to see if the last known address was something like: Plot number 123 at Cemetery Name and Address.

In their “help/FAQ” section they give no consideration for someone being listed that is dead.  To remove a listing you have to prove that you are that person and then you can claim the profile and make edits or remove.  Really would have thought that since Death is public record that they would have checked it out and not listed them as being alive.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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