Shaklee’s Basic H

Product Name:  Basic H

Manufacturer and Seller: Shaklee Corporation (

Type of company: They sell a variety of products to consumers: Vitamins, Make Up, Face Cleansers, Diet Supplements and Plans, Cleaning, Water Filters.  Etc.  They do have MLM system with Members getting a 15% discount and signing up under a distributor.

Type of Buyer:  Anyone looking for products that they sell.  Also some of the products can cost a bit more than other products found on the market.  For Basic H the type of buyer is one looking for a concentrated cleaner that does not have harsh chemicals in it.

Benefits of product:  Cleans, nontoxic, natural, biodegradable surfactants, many uses

Negatives about product: Can dry hands and skin when using.  However not anymore than washing with some soaps.

Star Rating (low being 0 high being 5):  5

Picture of Product:


I’ve been using Shaklee products for years.  One of my favorite cleaning products is Basic H.  It works great by itself and when combined with other cleaners it gives them a cleaning boost that gets the job done.

I have used Basic H around the house for numerous cleaning jobs.  Stains that just wouldn’t come out a little Basic H, water, and scrubbing and they were gone.  I clean floors, carpets, bathrooms, toilets, windows, mirrors, dishes, add it to laundry, wash cars, and use it to kill germs.

There is a cherry tree in the neighborhood that makes shoes look like this:

Basic H and water turns the shoes into this:

shoes 2





Granted all the purplish blue color did not come out however the majority of it all did.  Cherries are rotten when it comes to stains.  🙂

I have pets so to me knowing that it is biodegradable and completely natural is a good thing.  The bottle lasts a long time when used correctly.   🙂  Of course the more you use it for the faster you will run out and have to get some more.

This is a product that works great and one that I recommend to anyone.

****Disclaimer*** In keeping with full disclosure I have family that are Distributors of Shaklee products.  If anyone wants to sign up to purchase a Shaklee Product at the Member Rate then I will be able to help with that.  I get no compensation for my review in any manner.


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