Shaklee Vitamins and Weight Loss Shakes

Product Name:  Vitamins and weight loss shakes

Manufacturer and Seller: Shaklee Corporation (

Type of company: They sell a variety of products to consumers: Vitamins, Make Up, Face Cleansers, Diet Supplements and Plans, Cleaning, Water Filters.  Etc.  They do have MLM system with Members getting a 15% discount and signing up under a distributor.

Type of Buyer:  Anyone looking for products that they sell.  Also some of the products can cost a bit more than other products found on the market.

Disclaimer about review:  Because it is about vitamins as usual the FDA has not evaluated the vitamin.  Your experience with any vitamin is going to be different than mine.  In that light my review will discuss general things.  As always be careful about interactions between vitamins and medications that you may take.

Picture of Product:  They sell a variety of vitamins and I purchase a few of them.

Rating (1-5 highest): 5 for most see below


I’ve been using Shaklee products for years.  I have taken a number of their vitamins.  One thing that I like is that Shaklee stands behind their products.  When I have had questions about specific vitamins or some new research I heard they have taken the time to answer my questions.  I know that they are very careful about what goes into the vitamins and who they get the ingredients from.  What I appreciate the most is that I can trust they took the time to go through and find good suppliers.

With regards to the weight loss shake that they offer.  I found that for me even when I used Soy Milk to mix it I was super hungry by noon.  Then I tended to eat more.  I also found that it did not travel easily even in the packets.  However when in a hotel room starving with nothing else but water it worked to mix it for something to hold me over until I could get food.

Over all they have great vitamins.  For some they are more expensive than at the store.  However for me the ones I get from Shaklee work better than the ones on the store shelf.  When looking for organic and natural vitamins they are comparable in cost on a per tablet basis.





****Disclaimer*** In keeping with full disclosure I have family that are Distributors of Shaklee products.  If anyone wants to sign up to purchase a Shaklee Product at the Member Rate then I will be able to help with that.  I get no compensation for my review in any manner.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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