Dear Occupy Campers:

Where I support protesting:

  • The war on the middle and lower class
  • Corporate Greed
  • Wall Street Greed
  • Banks that are too big to fail

I also protest:

  • Breaking laws
  • The sentiment “you have to let us do this or else”
  • Allowing people to break the law
  • Destruction of public property that tax dollars paid for and will pay for the restoration of

I understand that you are trying to:

  • Show that you can live peaceful together in the camps
  • Show that you can get everything done democratically
  • Show that you don’t need a leader
  • Show that you don’t need a clear message

That you are trying to appeal to everyone because you want the entire 99% to support you.  From what I see on the news and online tells me the experiment has failed.  In my city the homeless and runaways have come to the camps.  The following is happening:

  • Smoking drugs, violence, theft, etc. inside the camp
  • Threats to anyone coming through that “residents” don’t want there.
  • Not using the restrooms
  • Threatening public workers to the point the park service closed the bathroom.
  • The police trying to work with your groups yet being told that the group doesn’t have to do what the police are asking.
  • The groups saying they can police themselves
  • One group claiming to be the “real occupy group” and another saying, “no we are the real occupy group.”
  • “Residents” of the camps threatening the local small business if they don’t get the service they want.

Small businesses in the area are reporting drops in sales.

There is a scene from Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland” that comes to mind.  In it Alice comes to a fork in the road and she asks the Cheshire Cat which road she should take.  The Cheshire Cat asks her where she wants to go.   She responds that she doesn’t know.  The Cheshire Cat responds, “Then, it doesn’t matter.”

Right now the Occupy movement is a way for people to protest what is wrong.  To vent frustration and anger.  Without clear direction, goals, or agenda how will anything change?  The movement is much like Alice in that you know you are standing there with all these stories and issues.  All these people who are rallying to this cry of “We are the 99%”.  Yet you do not know what path to take or where to go.

There is a movement to get support and volunteers to bring down food, supplies, and donate money to the group.  On the Occupy website there is a donate button.  Online there are products up for sale with Occupy, WallStreet, We are the 99%.  There is a push for Trademarks on those terms to control the sales and revenue from those terms.  There is also a survey on the Occupy website about the people who are coming there that says it is part of a study.

The image of the Occupy Movement and the “We are the 99%” is getting tarnished.  If people continue to stay and claim that they do not have to follow the laws it will get tarnished further.  City officials are starting to demand that campers leave the parks.  People will start to believe the negative press when they see on the news at night the negative behavior and the cost of the camping and protests.  Money that comes from taxes that the very people they are supposed to represent paid.

It is time for everyone to go home for the winter.  Come back in the spring.  Figure out who you are and what you want.  Solutions to the problems that people can rally behind.  Goals.


Those who support yet want you to find a direction.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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