Password Strength

Have you ever sat and thought about how many places you have a user name and password?  A short list of examples would be:

  1. Bank(s)
  2. Credit Card(s)
  3. Email Account(s)
  4. College Account
  5. Social Networking Site(s)
  6. Online Game Site(s)
  7. Product Registration Site(s) that want an Account Set Up
  8. Club Card(s): Grocery Store, Cinema Card
  9. Email Card Stores
  10. Online Retailer(s)
  11. Computer Profiles
  12. Work related User Name and Password

Even if a person had just one account for each of those options it is a good sized list of passwords and user names to remember.  Some tips for Passwords:

  • Use a combination of Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and unique characters
  • Do not use your user name, name, birthday, pets names, family members names, or common words as the password
  • Do not use the word “Password” as any part of the password
  • Make sure the password is at least 8 characters long
  • Do not keep a list of all important passwords on your computer in a file named “Important Passwords”
  • Use different passwords for each account
  • Change passwords for accounts at least every three months
  • Do not tell anyone else your password

There are free random password generators available to download, or use online, that will help create unique passwords.  You can also test your passwords strength by going to the Microsoft Password Checker.

2 responses to “Password Strength”

  1. i’d bet most people don’t remember all those passwords they just use one simple one for every account. which probably is not wise??


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