Good Question

I’ve wondered the same thing myself at the holidays as asked in this song: “Where is the line to see Jesus?”

Christmas is supposed to be a celebration about the birth of Jesus and making it through a year.  Somehow, as with other holidays, it has become about how much money we all spend for each other.  Advertising campaigns designed to influence people to buy the latest gift for people.  To express love through money and gifts.  To compare what each of us got to what other people received.

Where I used to live there was a man that came around and collected cans and bottles to turn in for the refund.  He spoke almost no English and bowed with gratitude all over his face for any amount that someone offered.  Each year he brought something to those who gave him cans and bottles in return.  Maybe he has the true spirit of Christmas and what gift giving means.

So each year as we wait in line to see Santa and ask him for a list of gifts maybe we should take a minute to stand in line to see Jesus and wish him a Happy Birthday.


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