What does 1.3 Million Buy?

In order to have her baby in complete privacy a celebrity recently rented out the entire floor of a hospital for a price tag of $1.3 million dollars.

What does $1.3 million pay for?

  • The yearly salary of 26.2918 households.  According to the US Census in 2010 the real median income for a household was $49,445.
  • Be able to purchase 5.861 (based on median price) or 4.7636 (based on average price) homes.  According to the Census the Median price of a home in the US for 2010 was $221,800.  The average price for the home was $272,900.
  • Be able to pay for 212.21025 households to have food for a year.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual average amount spent on Food for 201 was: $6,129.
  • It would allow 411.78 households to have Health Care/Insurance for a year.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual average amount spent on Health Care/Insurance for 201 was: $3,157.

The list could go on.

It is understandable that they wanted complete privacy, to control the first moments with their child and to prevent unwanted photographs from being leaked.  However they could have done all that and had the child at home and saved a lot of money.  After all there are 13.1 million people unemployed right now in the US who would love to have $1.3 million in discretionary income laying around.

Other impact of this delivery:

  • Doctors and nurses were told after 11 pm that they could not enter an entire floor of the hospital.
  • Security Cameras were covered with paper.
  • Partitions were set up.
  • The windows to the maternity ward were covered.
  • Hospital staff were required to turn in cell phones as they arrived for their shifts.
  • Patients were told that if they left the neonatal unit they could not come back.  They were also kept out of the unit for three hours while their baby and wife waited inside.
  • Another man was prevented multiple times from accessing the neonatal unit.  Once because they were using the hallway for 20 minutes.
  • Family members of the other patients giving birth were told to leave the waiting room of the floor.

They brought with them their own security detail to the hospital.

The hospital claimed that no one was inconvenienced and they had control over security, yet the state Health Department is looking into the matter.

My question is if/when a lawsuit happens is it just the hospital that is named or does the celebrity couple who paid to close off the floor and redecorate the room get named too?

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