Satan and America

Rick Santorum in 2008 in a speech at Ave Maria University talked about “how Satan is systematically destroying America” and claimed:

We all know that this country was founded on a Judeo-Christian ethic but the Judeo-Christian ethic was a Protestant Judeo-Christian ethic, sure the Catholics had some influence, but this was a Protestant country and the Protestant ethic, mainstream, mainline Protestantism, and of course we look at the shape of mainline Protestantism in this country and it is in shambles, it is gone from the world of Christianity as I see it.

Protestants make up 44.4% of the religious landscape in America according to The Pew Forum.  The speech also claimed that academia was the first to fall to Satan, then the Protestants, then American Culture (manners, decency, poor behavior, vanity), and finally politics and government.

Links in Article:

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