Curiosity’s Landing

In just about 5 hours 57 minutes you can watch Curiosity’s landing.

Keep in mind that it takes approximately 14 minutes for a signal to get from Mars to Earth.  It takes 7 or so minutes to get through the atmosphere and land.  That means by the time anyone on Earth will know what happened Curiosity will have been on the surface for at least 7 minutes.

Time of the landing will be:

Aug 5, 2012     10:31 p.m.   Pacific
Aug 6, 2012     1:31 a.m.   Eastern
Aug 6, 2012 5:31 a.m. Universal

More information and to watch:


Updated 8/8/2012:

William Shatner video: The Grand Entrance

Whil Wheaton video: The Grand Entrance




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