Make Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Add Up

The Washington Post has posted an interactive way for people to try to make Mitt Romney’s tax plan add up. Keep in mind that Mitt Romney has promised a 20% individual tax cut and a 30% corporate tax cut, while claiming that revenues will stay the same.  He has also signed Grover Norquists Tax Pledge and stated that he wouldn’t accept a $1 raise in taxes even if it meant a $10 cut in spending.

Under that, criteria give it a try and see if you can get the numbers to add up:


One thought on “Make Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Add Up

  1. […] In a nut shell the plan that Boehner proposed and discussed during the interview, and the quote above, is the same Romney/Ryan tax plan that voters rejected. It is the same Ryan budget iithat the House of Representatives passed on moreiii than one occasion. They are using the same fuzzy math that does not add upiv. […]


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