Today is Tuesday November 6, 2012 and we all know what that means.  All of the phone calls, all the campaigning, all the political ads on television, and all of the mail stops today.  There are some last minute campaign stops by both Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan.  Today is the final push for the “Get Out the Vote” campaign.  Google has a Google Doodle reminding people to vote.  In case you are curious, there are 23 blue and red check boxes on the Google Doodle. 🙂

Voting is important and every vote does count, so get out there and vote.  🙂  Then remind everyone you know that they too should get out there and vote.

Tonight on television, the election returns happen.  Tomorrow the races will be decided and we can all work together to move forward.  Because no matter how this election turns out, on any number of issues, we are all still American’s and we are all still in this together and have to work together to find a way to solve the challenges our country faces.  It is time for the politicians who get elected to put aside the labels of what party they belong too, rip up any pledges that stand in the way, and focus on what is best for the nation and not what is best for keeping them in office.  The focus should never have been on “making sure the President is a one term President” and on actually fixing the problems we face.

That’s tomorrow, today we vote.  We exercise our power to vote.  So get out there and vote!

Updated to add Google Doodle Picture.  11/6/2012 12:43 pm

Updated 5:10 PM 11/6/2012 to add in this video as a final reminder to get out and vote.


Google Doodle (


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