Election Outcome

It is official President Obama has won a second term in the White House with the running total of electoral votes at 303.  Mitt Romney’s current total is 206.  Florida election results have yet to be called for Obama; however, the vote is leaning toward him.  The total number of electoral votes is 538 and a candidate needs 270 to win.

From the time that at least two networks called the election for President Obama, and President Obama tweeted, it took two hours for Mitt Romney to make his concession speech.

In the Senate Democrats picked up a few seats, while over in the house the GOP remained in control.

President Obama’s Speech:

Mitt Romney’s Speech:

The total cost of this election has been projected to be close to $6 Billion for the Presidential race and another $3 billion for the congressional races.


Update  11/9/2012:  Florida has been determined giving President Obama a grand total of 332 electoral votes, while Mitt Romney only has 206.


US General Election President (http://www.google.com/elections/ed/us/results)

Barack Obama Tweet 8:15 PM Nov 6 2012 (https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/266031109979131904)


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