Being Sick

When it comes to being sick there are four things that seem to stand out:

  1. The tissue is not ever as soft as the commercial claims after the 1,000 use of that brand of tissue.
  2. The term “pleasant flavor” does not describe the cough syrup.  Cold or warm it tastes awful.
  3. Just because the news, doctors, friends, and family all claim that “everyone” has or seems to be getting sick, it really doesn’t offer much comfort.
  4. After three days of soup, anything sounds better!

Remember to take steps to prevent getting sick, and if you do from spreading it to others.



4 responses to “Being Sick”

  1. what amazes me is when well you can’t imagine feeling so baaad… and when sick and you just want to die .. when the lung wants to pop out cause your coughing so hard…
    maybe flu shots aren’t such a bad idea 🙂


  2. It sounds like you are experiencing this now. I hope you feel better. You are right on all points. My daughter can attest to the lack of tastiness of the syrup as we speak. Take care, BTG


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