Electricity Usage Monitor

The other day at the library I saw on display an electricity usage monitor so I grabbed it, checked it out, and brought it home. An electricity usage meter allows the user to plug in devices and determine how much it costs to run household appliances.

I had thought for sure that I knew what would cost the most in electricity usage. However I was absolutely shocked when it came back that the water filter and the heater on the 50 gallon fish tank cost around $45 a month to operate. This doesn’t even include the cost of fish food, the light on the tank, water, and chemicals that have to be used to treat the water. I was absolutely shocked. Other appliances I thought for sure would use a ton of energy when on or off barely used any energy.

I highly recommend anyone to check out an electricity usage monitor and find out what items in your house are sucking up the energy and causing your bill to be high. Maybe like me you will be surprised as to what the culprits really turn out to be.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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