Old Jeans

The other day I noticed a bag of old jeans that were either going to get tossed out, donated to charity, or left sitting in the bag collecting dust until something was decided.  I am all for donating old clothes and items to charity even though the tax write-off is not always that great.  Right next to the bag sat the old sewing machine.  Even though I am not a sewer, I decided to try to turn those old jeans into something useful.

That meant sewing.  I have sewn some in my life, mostly as a kid when I visited my grandma and once in a home economics class in high school.  I got help from some of my relatives whom I have thanked a lot.  I was finally able to turn two pairs of jeans into one of those shopping grocery tote bags and a hot pan holder.  I was so thrilled when the project was done.

I am happy with how everything turned out and am thrilled that I got to take the jeans and make something useful from them.

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  1. Good one. Might consider taking all of those old jeans and more and make a bunch of them and then go sell them. I recently did something with my Trader Joe’s bag. You know the way they fold up? Well, if you take a piece of Velcro, put one part on the bottom edge of the bag and the second piece up on the top edge, put them together and it keeps your bag folded no matter what, until you want to fill it that is. Many of the clerks have commented on what a great idea it is. One said, “That’s truly awesome.”


    1. The velcro idea is a good idea. 🙂 I need much more practice before I could sell a bag. It would also be easier to make out of one continuous piece of fabric. With the jeans I had to cut about seven pieces in total and stitch them together. My seams aren’t perfect but with practice and a T-Square I should get better!


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