Pot Holders

I’ve been working on making pot holders lately to replace the ones that are falling apart.  I have noticed the ones from the dollar store break down really fast, and the ones from the store aren’t a ton better.  So, the old jeans got turned into more pot holders today.  For the inside of the pot holder I used an old mattress pad that was worn out and falling apart.  I am playing around with the stitch pattern and have found a cute one for doing the borders.

Its great to be using my Grandmothers old sewing machine.  I think she would be thrilled that I am getting use from it and making something finally useful.  I’m just glad I had the machine.  It is a bit temperamental in that the faster it is going the less likely I am to run into any issue sewing through all the layers.

I’m hoping to get a lot of practice in on the pot holders and then next week take a stab at a round pillow case.  After that I have to make a new pillow case for the body pillow.  My dog Bandit decided that it was comfortable so he would do his nesting scratching thing against it.  Tore a large section of it.  I could use the rest of it for smaller pillow cases.

I’m enjoying being able to create things out of other stuff that was just going to get tossed anyway.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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