Giving a dog a pill

My chocolate lab is 13 years 9 months old and has hip trouble.  Every day she has to get a pill.  Every day that was a struggle.  This dog who doesn’t run very fast anymore seems to move quickly when avoiding two things:

  1. Getting a pill
  2. Getting her teeth brushed

She loves bacon.  So, I have been covering the pill in bacon drippings.  Then I take the soft food that she likes and mix it with the pill and the drippings in a small bowl.  Upon handing the bowl to her she licks it all up and eats the pill.  If the pill is not completely covered in the drippings it will be left in the bottom of the bowl or spit out on the floor.  Thus requiring more soft food and drippings.

It can’t be just any soft food either.  Nope, the cheap cans don’t cut it.  Baby food is okay but too liquid for feeding her the pill.  She likes the little 3 ounce containers of soft food.  I of course buy it for her because I love her and because she is almost 14.

The older she gets the more picky she gets.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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