My Birthday

My birthday this year was nice and relaxing. With it being labor day weekend I usually skip going places because of the crowds. So, I stayed home and had a nice family dinner and celebration.

The cake this year was a surprise. My favorite cake is chocolate. In my opinion chocolate is one of the most important food groups. For a few years now my favorite cake from a bakery near here is a two layer chocolate cake with vanilla custard center and fudge frosting. It is basically a Boston Cream Cake, except chocolate cake. This year when they wrote the order they wrote:

Boston Cream Cake

When they filled the order they grabbed a regular Boston Cream Cake and wrote Happy Birthday on it. For a chocoholic that is just not enough chocolate for a birthday cake. When my mom picked up the cake she said, “oh no, her birthday is today, right now, and that is her favorite cake”. She was nice about it and the woman from the bakery was nice too. In order to make up for the mistake they gave, free of charge:

  • The mistaken order they couldn’t use for anything else
  • A single layer chocolate cake with fudge frosting
  • A container of extra vanilla custard

Both cakes had “Happy Birthday” written on them. It was a complete surprise to have two free cakes on my birthday.  I’m just glad no one got the bright idea to put candles on both cakes and make me blow them all out. 🙂


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