Target data Breach

As you may, or may not, be aware an estimated 40 million credit and debit card numbers might have been stolen from Targets U.S. stores.  The data comes from people who shopped there between Nov 27 and Dec 15, 2013.  Lawsuits have been filed in at least Oregon, Illinois, and California with lawyers involved seeking class action status for all Target customers involved.

On the local news there have been stories of people who have noticed fraudulent charges on their credit cards and money withdrawn from bank accounts.  The stories currently are trickling in as people become aware of the situation and check their accounts.  During the rush of the holiday season it is easy to overlook a fraudulent transaction among several legitimate ones, so it is extra important to frequently, if not daily, check accounts.

What do you do if you shopped at Target during those dates?

  • If you have not received notification from Target and/or your bank alert them that you are among those impacted.
  • Check your bank account balances for fraudulent purchases including small amounts.
  • Request your bank issue a new debit and/or credit card.  Change your pin number on your current card.
  • Report any fraudulent items immediately to your bank, your states DOJ, and to Target.
  • Keep records and copies of all documentation, and notes from all phone conversations.
  • Take advantage of any credit monitoring offered to customers.
  • Check your email and spam folder for any message from Target.
  • Put a flag on your credit report with the credit reporting agencies.

Target has also released a statement to reassure customers that they, “will not be responsible for fraudulent charges—either your bank or Target have that responsibility.”  Target has also released a series of videos about the incident, to offer tips, and to reassure customers.  They also offered a 10% discount to customers for 12/20 and 12/21/2013.

In case you were wondering this is reportedly the largest data breach this year. The second largest happened in Oct 2013 when Adobe had at least 38 million user account and personal information for users compromised.  Before that in July 2013 it came to light that for years hackers had targeted several companies and stolen 160,000,000 credit and debit card numbers and targeted more than 800,000 bank accounts.


A Message from CEO Gregg Steinhafel about Target’s Payment Card Issues (

A Message from CEO Gregg Steinhafel about Target’s Payment Card Issues (

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    1. ****UPDATE******

      Target finally admitted that the Pin information was part of the information compromised. Target insists that the decryption key wasn’t among the data stolen. However, there are news stories of people reporting their entire checking accounts were wiped out after the data was stolen.


  1. Reblogged this on Roseylinn's Blog and commented:

    As of this morning Target announced that the breach impacted 70 million people. The last news release about this topic happened on Dec 27, 2013 when they acknowledged that the pin numbers were part of the data stolen.
    They have also provided a webpage dedicated to providing information from Target to their customers:
    For more information:


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