Zero To Hero 30 Days to a Better Blog

In addition to the Weekly Challenge and Daily Post Prompt WordPress has come up with Zero To Hero: 30 Days to A better Blog.  It comes with a cute badge for blogs.  It started yesterday and goes to the end of the month.  Basically each day they will post assignments such as these:

  • Day 1: Introduce Yourself
  • Day 2: Edit your title and tagline.  Add them to a widget.

The goal is to help bloggers transform their blogs, and to help those new to blogging get their blogs off the ground.  So, if you are new to blogging or want to refresh your blog take part in the Zero to Hero 30 Days to a Better Blog Challenge.  🙂  Keep in mind that the information they offer is advice.  It is up to you to decide what you do and don’t do for your own blog.

The first two assignments/activities are fairly simple.

Here are the 59 words I wrote on my About Page:

My own blog about:

  • Ramblings, thoughts, observations
  • Anything I find funny and want to pass along to others.
  • Any word or quote that I find interesting enough to pass along.
  • Politics, news, and public service announcements

In short I am an equal opportunity blogger in that anything that interests me could potentially be blogged about.

For the second part I updated my tag line to “Equal Opportunity Blogger”.



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Thoughts? Share below :-)

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