hibernaculum \hahy-ber-NAK-yuh-luhm\,


  • a protective case or covering, especially for winter, as of an animal or a plant bud.
  • winter quarters, as of a hibernating animal.
  • the shelter of a hibernating animal.
  • a protective case, covering, or structure, such as a plant bud, in which an organism remains dormant for the winter.

Origin:  Late 1600’s.  Comes from the Latin hībernāculum meaning “winter residence.”


6 thoughts on “Word of the day–Hibernaculum

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  1. Let’s see if I can do this again. I’ve watched your words come along through your blog. 99% of them are obscure, so obscure that I doubt whether most people would ever use the word and certainly if they did, the person hearing it would never understand. Is it possible to find useful words that would truly add to a person’s literacy and upgrade their vocabulary?


    1. That explains why most people need a dictionary to understand what I am saying. 🙂 A small percentage of the words that I pick would fall into the obscure category; others I have actually seen in books, articles, and heard on TV shows. Most of the time people fall into using the words that they know and are comfortable with.

      How do you define “useful”? Useful words to me might not be useful to someone else. Useful words to someone else I might find pedantic.


      1. Just don’t ever become a William Buckley type who liked to impress people with his vocabulary, yet was not well understood as a result. There is a computer term that applies which is “elegant” meaning the program is most effective for the task at hand. A complex word can be elegant, but so can a simple one. You make us more elegant. BTG


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