skewbald /ˈskyo͞oˌbôld/


  • (especially of horses) having patches of brown and white.
  • (of an animal) with irregular patches of white and another color (properly not black)


  • a skewbald horse or pony.

1645–55; skew + (pie)bald


7 thoughts on “Word of the day–Skewbald

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  1. How ironic for you to have read one of my posts and then for me to read this post of yours . . . . skewbald – word of the day _ brings back so many memories of my days of riding horses (they were few but VERY memorable). We had an Australian skewbald named Peanuts. Do you know that so many people have no idea of the affiliation of that word. Thank You.


      1. She teases me about losing my hair. When she does so, I tell her she is a mean, spiteful child. We have fun together. The only luck is I am lucky to have a daughter with a sense of humor.


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