Privacy Setting Changes

Every now and then one of the social media sites decides to make changes.  Depending on your point of view those changes could be good or bad.

On Jan 9th, 2014 Google announced an improvement to allow people to reach others easier, if you have both Gmail and Google+.  When sending an email Gmail will now recommend your Google+ connections as potential recipients.  It will also filter emails that you receive to the different inbox categories set up.  For example if someone in your circle sends an email they show up in the Primary Category.  If they don’t show up in your circles their email will be in the Social Category.  If you add them to your Google+ circles or reply to the email then they will get your email address.

Depending on your privacy settings this would allow you to receive an email if someone sends a message to your Google Plus account.  They do not have to know your email address in order to send you the message.  The feature is being turned on for all users, except those designated “high-profile”, thousands of followers, in which case their default setting was for only those in their circles.  This has prompted the nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog to file a complaint with the FTC.

In order to opt out of this option you will have to go to your Gmail account settings.  A quarter of the way down the page you will see “Email via Google+”.  There you have options to allow:

  • Anyone on Google+
  • Extended circles
  • Circles
  • No one

Select the one you want and make sure to save/apply changes at the very bottom of the screen.


Gmail Blog Post Reach People You Know More Easily: (


3 thoughts on “Privacy Setting Changes

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    1. Yes, and make sure to click on the apply/save button at the bottom of the page.

      You also can change your Google+ Profile Settings to limit who can “send a message from your profile”. Its located under the heading “Profile” at the bottom of the page. You can set the one in Gmail to allow no one, and the one in Google+ to allow only those in your Circles, if you want.


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