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It is only when the internet doesn’t work that we realize how much we rely on it for communication, research, and every day things.  My Internet connection went down from the morning of Feb 17 to Feb 19, 2014 at 7:04 P.M. PST.  🙂  There was an issue with the ISP’s equipment in the area.  I found that out after getting through the automated system and talking to a real person after they mistakenly sent out the “all clear” signal.

Usually when I take a day off from the Internet/Computer I do it voluntarily once a week.  During the extended time without the Internet I realized just how many times I, or someone says, “Just search for it online”.

If you were without Internet for forty-eight hours, how would you do? Would you go through Internet withdrawal?  What activities would you do  during the time you normally would have been online?


6 thoughts on “Internet Connection

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    1. I got a little antsy, but then went and did other stuff. The hardest part was getting the “everything is fixed” call and then having to wait a few more hours for it to actually be fixed.


  1. I have had the same issue here recently and it was so annoying as I had loads of online stuff I needed to do at the time!. I don’t mind being without internet if it is my choice though and usually I would practice the piano and ukulele or go out walking with my dogs. 🙂


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