Mother Teresa

“Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.”
― Mother Teresa


2 thoughts on “Mother Teresa

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  1. You and I are not God but each part of us is OF GOD. In our core, beyond the greed, anger and delusion lie love, compassion and wisdom. If we are careful what we dwell on the characteristics of Jesus; tenderness, benevolence and wisdom will begin to manifest within our lives and actions and then with each of us slowly evolving into more ‘complete’ beings the world will change. When you see Jesus in your neighbor (or buddah or God or the eternal or whatever you want to call this ‘life force’) then you will begin to show respect not because the ‘church’ mandates you treat others good but because from your guts you recognize ‘each of us is really the same, living, suffering and in the end dead to this existence. It’s time to recognize Jesus in everything.


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