Spring Cleaning

A while ago I got into Spring Cleaning mode and decided to tackle some stuff that has been stored in boxes for years.  Usually I just ignore the boxes that I am storing stuff in, which is probably why what started as a few boxes 15 years ago has turned into a lot more.  It can actually be a bit overwhelming, especially considering all the dust that is covering the boxes.  This year however I got the desire to clean, organize, and throw out the junk. The boxes, through their various moves, had been stored in various conditions.

I have made it through a few of the boxes and have made excellent progress.  Going through boxes I haven’t gone through in years is like Christmas.  There are things I didn’t remember I had, things I thought I lost, and things I really wonder what I was thinking when I purchased the item in the first place.  I also didn’t realize just how much electronics stuff that no longer works I had accumulated in a pile due to not knowing where to take it all.  I did find an electronics recycling company that only charges for TV’s.  I made sure that none of the electronics that went had any sort of hard drive or long term memory storage.

The other thing that I noticed was the over abundance of paper.  Paper receipts, paper documents, scraps of paper, etc. Eventually it made its way into a box, and that box was just moved around and pushed from here to there.  Every page has to be sorted through and skimmed for personal information before being shredded or recycled.  The recycle bin got full fast and recycling comes every other week.

Here are just a few random Spring Cleaning Tips:

  • It can be helpful to get like items into piles so you can see them all at once.  This can be an end goal if there are space limitations.  Once you have the piles it is easier to go through and see how much of something you have.  For example kitchen items, three ring binders, etc.
  • Make a plan.  When faced with a large project a plan of attack can help.
  • Start with one box and then move to the next.
  • Celebrate the little accomplishments such as cutting three big boxes down to one; or filling the recycling bin twice.  It means that you have less than you did before and got something done.
  • Have plenty of air filtration/air flow to help with the dust
  • When it comes to tossing things out; if you haven’t used, seen, or needed the item in 6-12 months do you really need to keep it?  Also if you have several identical items do you really need all of them?  There is room for keeping sentimental items to a point.
  • Remember to have plenty of air flow/filtration and water on hand while cleaning.
  • For cleaning vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, Basic-H, etc., work just as well as stronger cleaners.



Shaklees Basic H (https://roseylinn.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/shaklees-basic-h/)



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