Rubix Cube

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Rubix Cube.  It was the invention of Ernő Rubik and originally called the “magic cube”.  I remember in the 1980’s when they became popular.  I spent time working on solving the puzzle.  🙂  Google has done an interactive Rubix Cube doodle.  🙂 Have fun.


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  1. People may curse this link afterwards. Rubik created some frustrated campers who would give up on the task at hand. But, at least he got them thinking.


    1. They might curse the link, although by today the Google Doodle is off the main Google page. It can be located in the Google Doodle Archives here:

      Here is the link to Chrome Cube Lab: Not only does it have more cubes it does allow for a person to create their own Rubix Cube experiment.

      Yeah, it was at times frustrating and addictive. 🙂 It did get people to think.


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