pell-mell (pel ˈmel)

  • in a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner.
  • in mingled confusion or disorder
  • in confused haste
  • helter-skelter
  • in a recklessly hurried manner.
  • in a disordered mass.
  • in a wild or reckless manner


  • recklessly hasty or disorganized; headlong.
  • disordered; tumultuous
  • disorderly or confused.
  • overhasty or precipitate; rash
  • with undue hurry and confusion


  • a state of affairs or collection of things characterized by haste or confusion.
  • disorder; confusion
  • a jumbled mass, crowd, etc
  • disorderly, headlong haste.


Middle French pelemele 1590, the word appears in Shakespeare’s Richard III in 1594, “March on, ioine brauelie, let vs to it pell mell, If not to heauen then hand in hand to hell.”


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