When it comes to the mid-term elections, since the 1840’s, voter turn out is usually low.  The mid-terms seem to lack the pizzazz of a presidential election year.  Voting however is very important to any democracy regardless of what offices, and measures, are on the ballot.  It is the way the voice of the people gets heard.  Don’t like a proposed legislation? Then vote against it.  Like a certain candidate? Then vote for that person.  Want to complain about how a measure could have not passed? Then vote.  Want to brag about how a candidate got elected?  Then vote.  The key word being; vote.

In Oregon and Washington there is really no reason not to vote.  Those are the only two states in the US that are 100% vote by mail.  Ballots have already been mailed to residents in those states.  Even if you are waiting to fill in the ballot on Nov 4 you have plenty of time to research the issues and fit voting into your schedule.  If you need assistance you can call the local election office for more help.

In other states confirm your voter registration.  If there is an issue then get it corrected so you can vote.  There is a website CanIVote that was set up by state election officials to help direct people to the right state websites.  For example if I wanted to check my voter registration I can go to that site, select “Get Registered/Check Registration” then select the state from a drop down. The page then takes me to that states SOS Registration Information Search page.

To find out what measures are on your ballot this election you can go to your Secretary of States website and/or places like  Ballotpedia allows you to search for statewide measures.  The site then provides the text of the measure, statements for and against, media editorial positions and any poll results.  They also link to all references and have additional external links.

WordPress is also supporting a Get Out The Vote campaign.  Here is a Voter Look-up tool:





CanIVote.Org (

Ballotpedia (


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