It’s Cold

The weather has definitely changed to winter.  It is very cold with some snow today.  I love the snow.  Inside wrapped up with a blanket, a warm drink, and a good book; I love snow.  When it gets deep enough I do love to go out and see if it’s good enough for making something in the snow.  It is on days like this that I particularly am appreciative of having a roof over my head, and the Russian Fireplace.  They are also known as Masonry Fireplaces.

For those who aren’t familiar with a Russian Fireplace they are made differently than a regular American fireplace.  The firebox is longer and compact which causes the wood to burn quick and complete.  That leaves a bed of coals that still produce heat.  All of the heat then flows through flues that wind their way inside the brick before going up the chimney.  The fireplace also does not touch the ceiling.  At the very bottom of the fireplace is an air vent that pulls in air.  There is also a clean out spot that allows for cleaning out anything that fell into the fireplace from above.  The clean out spot is also an indication of how well the fires are being built and burning, if there is a lot of soot in that box then the fires aren’t burning hot enough.  Once the fire dies down the dampers are slowly shut 3/4 of the way to contain the heat.  It basically makes the entire brick structure one large heat sink inside the house.  Long after the fire turns to ash the brick is still radiating heat.

On a cold day the bricks allow for a warm place to heat up at.  The biggest trouble is that Bandit also loves to sit on the brick seating area next to the stove.

Bandit and Fireplace




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