Your Walk and Your Talk Talks

“Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.” An old saying

In other words, “actions speak louder than words.”  Being human there are times when what we say and what we do contradict each other.  There are examples of this all over.  The other day while sitting in a restaurant I over heard the rather loud gentlemen from the table nearby.  Their discussion took an interesting turn at some point as one of the men mentioned the name of a third person, not present.  Apparently the intelligence of the third person came into question for not being able to see, or understand, the brilliance in some argument that one of the men presented.  “He is a loser,” came the reply.  For the next few moments they made further disparaging remarks about that person.  It all culminated with, “He never admits that he is wrong.  He is pretty stupid.  He does nothing but stab people in the back, talk about people behind their backs, and he does nothing but play games.”

He finished by saying, “I don’t do that or approve of that behavior.”

To which the other man said, “neither do I.”

I was very tempted to say, “uhm didn’t you just do the opposite of what you said?”

It is easy to sit in judgement about someone else, or their behavior, when we ourselves at times can be guilty of the same behavior.  It is also easy to sit and make proclamations while our actions reflect the exact opposite.  Being human we all fall down at times and can easily find fault in other people.



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  1. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated example. I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s belief in “defending the absent.” He will say, “since so and so is not here, I will defend their position.”


    1. I agree it isn’t an isolated example. I do not agree with Dr. Dyer’s position as it also falls into the gray area of gossiping about someone. If I was part of the conversation that happened above I would point out something good about the person and/or steer the conversation to a different topic.

      The old saying is true if they are talking to you about someone else, they are probably talking to someone else about you.


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