Scam Tech Support Phone Calls Updated

A few days ago I answered the phone, “hello”.

“Hello,” came the reply. After a short pause, “I’m calling about computer support okay.” He went on when I said nothing, “Technical support about your windows computer okay.”

I replied, “I know that this is a scam.” I then promptly hung up the phone.

The FTC has recently sued three of these phony tech support companies for “misrepresenting that they found security or performance issues on consumers’ computers.”

In the FTC article they describe another twist to the scam, wherein they use pop-up ads or banners to lure people to download software to speed up the computer. To activate the software the person has to call a phone number. Once the person calls they claim they need remote access and then inform the caller they have a lot of issues that need to be fixed immediately.

Either way the end goal is the same, they want to bill you for bogus security or technical support products or services.


FTC Cracks Down on Tech Support Scams (

Below you can find my original blog post on the issue:

Roseylinns Reflections

Last night I received what I consider a suspicious phone call aimed at getting access to my computer.  It started out sounding as a legitimate tech support phone call and quickly turned into not being so.  The person on the phone made the following claims:

  • That I filled out a survey for tech support with my computer
  • That I filled out a survey for tech support for software
  • The call was a follow up for technical support for an issue I had previously
  • They have a Microsoft certified technician waiting for access to my computer to diagnose problems

At no time could they tell me:

  • When I filled out the survey
  • What details I filled out in the survey
  • Specific software name I had an issue with
  • Brand name of the computer I had an issue with
  • What company they were calling on behalf of
  • What computer type I had…

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  1. I was at my Mac computer guru. in the middle I hit some button and was immediately told I had issues that they could fix for $295. my guru said “get out now” ‘ but I was too late. They had already loaded malware that took him time to fix.


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