Social Media Friend Categories

When it comes to people on social media there seems to be categories that they can fall into; over-sharer, politically charged, etc.  I recently ran into a short video done by Studio C that describes a few of the categories:

I have them listed below (categories are theirs, description is my summary):

  • Politically Charged: Shares blanket inflammatory statements about candidates.
  • Too Much Information: Shares way too much personal information with pictures, videos, etc. A study done by Pew Research Group February 3, 2014 showed that 36% of Facebook users dislike people sharing too much information about themselves.
  • Teenager: Incoherent posts that make no sense, unless you are another teenager.
  • Publicly Emotional: Every emotional thing that happens in their life is posted.  They break up with someone and its all over their social media.  They get into a relationship and its all over social media.
  • New Mom: posts a ton of pictures and questions about raising children.
  • Newlywed: Posts comments and pictures to show how they are happier and have a better life than everyone else.
  • Meme-Obsessed: posts any and all meme that is out there, usually of pets.
  • Liker: The person that likes everything and anything that is posted.  They click any and all like button and most comments contain the word “great” as in “great post”, “pictures are great”, “you have such the perfect and great family”.
  • Too Vague: Posts statements that are so vague you have no clue what they are really talking about.
  • Way Behind the times: posts things from years ago as if they are brand new today.
  • Hacked: someone else posting under that persons account.

To their list I am going to add:

  • Obsessed Parents: Those who post a lot of pictures and/or questions about their kids.  Their perfect happy well adjusted children.  This group can include those who proclaim only other parents can answer their questions.
  • Religiously Charged: Shares blanket inflammatory definitive statements about their religion; and attributes to God everything that happens in their life.
  • Overly Negative/Positive: They post a lot of negative/positive posts.  Looking over their posts either the sky is falling, or there are rainbows with pots of gold behind every door.  On June 10, 2014 one popular social media company released the results from a social experiment conducted on their users.  The study* showed that when people had either positive or negative content reduced in their news feeds they used more positive or negative words in their own posts.  Basically if a person was exposed to a majority of negative posts; they in turn posted negative posts.

When it comes to these categories we all could see ourselves in one or more.  There are times when posts could be more political, and other times when they could be nothing but a cute cat meme.



Reference:  *News Feed: ‘Emotional Contagion’ Sweeps Facebook by Social Scientists at Cornell University of California San Francisco (UCSF) June 10, 2014.

5 responses to “Social Media Friend Categories”

  1. Great post?!? Am I allowed to say this? This is one reason I am not on Facebook as it too exhausting and trivial for the most part. By the way, I did see a survey that noted an obvious conclusion that people who watch Fox News become more conservative, while people who watch MSNBC become more liberal. These pseudo news sources feed the flames of the branders, labelers and name callers in the politically charged crowd. I don’t mind passion, but tell me why you think like that with real information, so we can at least discuss our views.


    • Laughs You can say “Great post”. I read an article about that study. I found it interesting that even with cable people tend to stick to the lower numbered channels for convenience. If MSNBC and FOX were put into the line up next to each other across the country people could get more exposure to both sides.


      • Yes, but they would get exposed to spin-doctored views of both sides and would get a confused picture. They need to get a balanced view where people are not shouting at the wind.


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