Super Bowl Sunday

Tomorrow the Seattle Seahawks will face the New England Patriots in the Superbowl.  As I wrote last year parties will be in full swing tomorrow.  It is the number two day for food consumption in America, Thanksgiving being number one, so please keep in mind food safety tips:

  • Before and after preparing or handling food wash hands with soap and water.  Provide clean serving utensils for guests to use
  • Make sure all meat is cooked to the right temperature.  Use food thermometers.
  • Make sure to keep all hot food hot and all cold food cold.  After two hours on the buffet replace the food for fresh.
  • Check in with guests about any food allergies they might have.
  • Use smaller serving platters.  This will help keep food fresh throughout the day.

It is also important to remember that some foods may be dangerous to our pets. The common items to watch out for:

  • Artificial sweetener Xylitol,
  • Chocolate,
  • Coffee,
  • Caffeine,
  • Candy,
  • Yeast Dough,
  • Alcohol,
  • Raisins,
  • Grapes

You can also check out the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Website dedicated to Food Safety for more tips.  They even have a few videos like this one:

And these two:

The F.D.A. also has tips on making food safe in buffets, as well as how to adapt recipes that call for raw or lightly cooked eggs.

Have a safe and great Superbowl Sunday. Go Seahawks!  🙂



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Video links:

Food Safety- Super Bowl Cooking with Martie Duncan

Recipes for Disaster – Contaminated Carbo Load

Recipes for Disaster – “Bacteria BBQ”


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