You can always tell when a main dish at dinner goes over well.  It goes from a full plate:

Strudels Yum Copyright Roseylinn

To an empty plate:

strudels gone Copyright Roseylinn

With everyone moaning about having eaten just a little too much food.

In all fairness this dish is one that I don’t make that often due to the work involved; so it usually gets totally consumed at the table.  It is one of the three German Dough dishes (Strudels, Kas Knephla, Katoffel and Knephla) that I learned from my grandmother.  I can remember people crammed into her little kitchen all working on their portion of the meal.  Two people assigned to pulling out the dough until it got paper thin without large tears; a feat upon itself.  Another person in charge of the gravy and watching the pots on the stove.  While grandma went between to make sure it all somehow came together at the right time.  The hardest part of making Strudels is getting the potatoes in the bottom of the pot the right size; using a perfect amount of liquid, and once they go in not opening the lid until the timer goes off.  The greatest reward for the cook; an empty serving dish with everyone moaning about having eater just a little too much food.







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    1. My grandmother made Kuchen out of plum, apples, pears, peaches, etc. I vaguely remember the apple one. I’m going to have to go dig up the recipe and take a stab at making it, once the heat cools off a bit. 🙂


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