Political Email Season

I can always tell when an election is coming up; the number of political emails increase.  The majority of the emails beg for a donation.  It doesn’t matter what group it is for there seems to be one catastrophe after another that requires just a small donation.  One thing that is always interesting about the emails is that they show the political group that the politician is trying to court the votes of, and which groups they seem to be ignoring.  It is enough to make a person batty.

Recently all of the emails have the same tone to them.  The other party did something appalling.  Or their inaction was appalling.  Either way they were appalling.  The next paragraph vaguely indicates what was so horrific that it warranted an urgent email.  Followed by how this is all a crisis and a direct attack onto a specific group of people.  Or in the case of one email how two groups of people were inconvenienced.  All this leads to a plead to sign a petition and make an urgent donation to keep up the fight.

Very few if any of these emails have any sources documented to back up their claims.  I can see where these emails are effective in getting people to jump to action without taking a moment to think.  In some cases when a little research is done some of the claims tend to fall apart.

Taking a breath and finding credible sourced information out there helps combat the batty.  At least for me it does.


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