Grover Cleveland

“Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters. Not only is their time and labor due to the Government, but they should scrupulously avoid in their political action, as well as in the discharge of their official duty, offending by a display of obtrusive partisanship their neighbors who have relations with them as public officials.”  Grover Cleveland  Message to the heads of departments in the service of the US Government (14 July 1886).


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  1. One reason for the decline in civility is the “progress” of flight which allows them to jet home or anywhere for long weekends. Since they don’t need to stay in Washington, they don’t need to get along with their colleagues


    1. True. Another part could be all the money that they have to raise in order to stay elected. I saw a graphic from 2013 that showed the ideal daily schedule for Freshman to Congress both in D.C. and back in their district. While in D.C. out a 9-10 hour work day only 1-2 hours was allocated for committee/floor time. While back in their district a 7-8 hour day it is all fundraising, proactive and reactive community events and strategic outreach. They also apparently pay dues to their respective parties and are responsible for raising funds for the party. In all the majority of their time is spent talking to donors and pleasing them because they need their money. I saw another story where a few members of congress changed their mind on a very important piece of legislation after they got a sizable donation. The money broke the system.


  2. There is an interesting contradiction to the lack of relationship in Congress creating problems. The twenty female senators and select female Congress reps meet recurringly. It should not be lost on anyone, that it took ten women to break the government shutdown created by grandstanding Ted Cruz, who I think wants to be President.


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