Campaign Trail

The longer the campaign season this year, the more this joke seems true:

Campaign Trail
Campaign Trail
Comic written by Larry Lambert, illustrated by Jerry King.

It seems that this year every day brings yet another jaw dropping, head scratching, moment.  For one candidate it seems that a chart is needed to just keep up with what their current position is and how it differed from a hour/day/week/month/year ago.  It seems to be a lot of noise to tug at emotions without a lot of substance.  For another candidate it seems to be about how far they can remove themselves from what could only be described as a serious lack in judgement.  What is interesting to me is how much time the press and bloggers are spending in discussing the droppings of some of the candidates; all the while not spending much time covering their actual policies or doing much fact checking/analysis.

As a voter I don’t really care if a politician threw a football and it hit some kid on the head during a game of catch.  I do however care about their record, where they stand now on various issues, how I and my family will be impacted, the impact to the country and planet, and what they are doing about those issues.  I care if a politician claims to understand the Internet and Technology all the while having their government emails go through a private email account running off a server located in their home.  Their political spin about the issue matters to me the voter.  Several of those running for office are current members of the Senate and Congress; if they claim that they are a long time supporter of X then where are the pieces of legislation that they wrote or sponsored that support X?  If they were a business person now claiming to support X then can they show something in their business life that supports that position?

The other issue is that with so much time spent on the political droppings of some politicians it begins to wear down people.  Soon it becomes so negative that people become overloaded and turn off anything to do with politics.  It can also cause some to become defensive and then not hear what a person has to say.

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  1. Very well said. Someone’s history is an excellent indicator of how they would perform. The current leader in the GOP has a history of exploiting people for gain and then leaving them high and dry. Plus, using playground labels when criticized is not very presidential. The leader of the Democrats has made a huge unforced error. I segregate this from the witch hunt activities of the GOP on Benghazi, but she needs to better answer questions. Yet, the only candidate speaking consistently to real issues is Bernie, yet I don’t think America is smart enough to elect him.


    1. While the media is focused on one candidate/issue they are ignoring the other for good or bad.

      When it comes to Sen. Bernie Sanders the American people just need education about who he is and where he stands on the issues.


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