Nick Hanauer

“When somebody calls themselves a job creator, they aren’t describing the economy, although that’s what it sounds like. What they are really doing is making a claim on status, privilege and power.”  Nick Hanauer

The quote comes from the 2013 movie “Inequality for All” by Robert Reich.  Nick Hanauer has done two Ted Talks on the same subject and both can be found below:

Nick Hanauer on Inequality:

Nick Hanauer: Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming

The transcript for the second video can be found here (



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  1. Giving money to someone flush with cash does not create jobs. We had companies sitting on cash as they did not where to invest it. Right now, we are seeing a lot of more mergers, which is not job creation and is usually job destroying. Organic growth is hard. Invest in new products is risky, But, that is what is needed.

    The data shows that far more jobs a are created under Democrat White Houses than Republican ones, and it is not even close. A key reason is investing in our economy and infrastructure. Another key is opening up markets to trade. Ronald Reagan is the best GOP job creator by far, so if you take his White House out of the equation, the ratio of jobs under Dems vs. GOP becomes 5 to 1 from 2.5 to1. He was a lot like Clinton, who is the best job creator in numbers, trailing FDR in percentage. They both opened up trade and did not like deficits and both promoted investment, so the stock markets did pretty well under both.

    So, the question to ask is are they really job creators or is that just a nice label to place on themselves?


    1. Roseylinn, I watched this again and I very much like the focus on the customer being the start of the eco-cycle. And, a CFO once said something that echoes Hanauer’s thoughts. If an employer could get by with hiring no employees, it would. The customers cause them to hire people. Keith


      1. A corporation could create the best widget in the known universe; however, without customers who want their product and can afford to purchase their product they won’t last long.

        I agree that if an employer could get by without hiring employees they would. With advances in technology and automation some corporations work with few employees regardless of customer demand for their product or service. In some companies when demand increases instead of hiring they tell their employees to work faster or to simply get the job done by any means necessary. Then there is also the “Independent Contractor” game that companies of all sizes can and sometimes play.


    2. Clinton did some good things and he did some bad things, like the majority of Presidents. The “job creator” label is a nice deceptive label that they use. If a person creates their own business they technically have created “a job” regardless of their income.


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