Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1939


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  1. Roseylinn, that contradicts the Fox News paradigm. It works as follows: Pundit A says something without proof. Politician A echoes what Pundit A said. Pundit B repeats what Politician A said. Fox News reports this saying there is a trend supporting said claim. Politician A is now more certain as his opinion is validated, so it must be correct. No proof still. Keith


      1. It’s like they forgot what they learned in class about citing sources and being discriminatory about what sources are valid and which should be discarded. It’s one reason I look for documented sources for information on professional news sites and on blogs.


    1. I’ve seen that phenomenon on the nightly news. Sometimes it is their own reporters who ad lib or make a commentary on the news story and it gets added in as being fact. There are many examples.


      1. Unfortunately, too many examples. Another big beef I have with network news is they do not cross their sponsors and sometimes enable them. Easy example – have you ever noticed the authors on the CBS Good Morning News appear when they have released book from CBS’ sister company? Not that the author is not newsworthy, but that is publicity.


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