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This election cycle has proven to be complex with all of the candidates running for President.  It can be hard to figure out where to start.  I’ve found a site that allows people to take a quiz in order to see how they match the candidates and political parties: http://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz  The quiz isn’t very long yet covers a variety of topics.

Once you have completed the quiz you can compare your answers with candidates, the political parties, and how others who took the quiz answered.  For example one of the questions asks: “Should the U.S. require labeling of genetically engineered foods?”  Here is how some of the political parties and candidates answered:

  • Democrats: Yes
  • Republicans: Yes
  • Green Party: Yes
  • Libertarians: No
  • Constitution Party: Yes
  • Bernie Sanders: Yes
  • Martin O’Malley: could not be determined
  • Hillary Clinton: No
  • Rand Paul: No
  • Donald Trump: Could not be determined
  • John Kasich: Could not be determined
  • Jeb Bush: No
  • Ted Cruz: No
  • Jim Webb: No
  • Carly Fiorina: No
  • Ben Carson: Yes
  • Chris Christie: No

For each question they have links to stats, discussion area, and the source where they got the information.  That then allows me to compare the positions of the candidates, political party and/or other people who took the survey.

For example Hillary Clinton vs. Sen. Bernie Sanders vs. Survey Takers position on labeling Genetically Modified foods.

Hillary Clinton

Clicking on the source link shows her quote, “Genetically modified sounds ‘Frankensteinish’ – drought resistant sounds really like something you want…” and a link to the entire article wherein she outlines her position.  In this case there is also a video in the article where she states her position.  Starting at approximately 29 minutes into the video:

Bernie Sanders

Clicking on the source for Bernie Sanders shows that he introduced a bill to the U.S. Senate that would require labeling.  Following the link to the source article shows a video wherein Sen. Sanders comments about the 2013 failed Senate bill.  His comments start at approximately 3 minutes.

Other Survey Takers

Clicking on the “stats” link shows that currently 81% of respondents agree with labeling Genetically Modified Food, while 18% disagree.  The percentages are updated automatically as people take the survey.

ISideWith is a very well done website that at the very least helps a person find out where the different candidates, and parties, stand on an assortment of topics in comparison to their own.  It also gives a starting point for finding more information.


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    1. With so many candidates running for President this year the info is muddled. Their records are important. I look up that information on this site: https://www.govtrack.us/
      They also have statistics on the percentage of missed votes for each candidate while running for office. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/presidential-candidates To pick on Clinton Vs. Sanders again in 2008 when she was a Senator and ran she missed 24% of votes while Sanders has only missed 10% thus far.


    1. Yea it is a great tool. This time I got the following as my highest matches: Sen. Bernie Sanders; Green Party and Democratic Party were a tie. Which was a bit surprising. Last Presidential election cycle the results were a bit different as I recall. Like I used to say I am swayed more by a candidates position on issues that matter to me; the more they match the more likely I will vote for them regardless of party.

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      1. I noticed that deficit questions were mixed into other categories. For example when I clicked the “show more questions” in the Foreign Policy section two questions related to the budget.

        I agree it’s a good exercise for someone to do.


  1. this is great…. what a neat way to find out about someone …. I think it is much more telling than just reading the stories … like who’s so muddled they can’t even find a position on the guy … Mr. Rump I believe his name is … Don Rump
    thanks for the information…

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