TED Talk: Capitalism Will Eat Democracy

Capitalism will eat democracy — unless we speak up | Yanis Varoufakis   Filmed December 2015 at TEDGlobal>Geneva

From Ted.Com description on video:

Have you wondered why politicians aren’t what they used to be, why governments seem unable to solve real problems? Economist Yanis Varoufakis, the former Minister of Finance for Greece, says that it’s because you can be in politics today but not be in power — because real power now belongs to those who control the economy. He believes that the mega-rich and corporations are cannibalizing the political sphere, causing financial crisis. In this talk, hear his dream for a world in which capital and labor no longer struggle against each other, “one that is simultaneously libertarian, Marxist and Keynesian.”

Transcript can be found here:  https://www.ted.com/talks/yanis_varoufakis_capitalism_will_eat_democracy_unless_we_speak_up/transcript?language=en


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One thought on “TED Talk: Capitalism Will Eat Democracy

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  1. which is exactly why we need a supreme court that will overturn citizens united … as long as we have a ‘rigged’ system America will continue to decline. Bernie Sanders is the only politician telling the truth to America about what is destroying our country.

    When I was a vice president in a large corporation they told me how much money I had to donate to the ‘political slush fund’ per my position within the company. They then used our money to influence politicians so we could ‘grow’ our company.

    The middle class (what’s left of it) is getting screwed by a powerful group of wealthy international companies. They don’t care about AMERICA! Bernie is right … only a revolution where millions of voters turn out will have a chance to change the current demise of our grandkids futures!

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