Rigged Justice

On Feb 3, 2016 Senator Elizabeth Warren said on the Senate Floor:

“Mr. President across the street at the Supreme Court four simple words are engraved on the face of the building: equal justice under law.  That is supposed to be the basic premise of our justice system; that our laws are just and that everyone no matter how rich, or how powerful, or how well connected will be held equally accountable if they break those laws.  But that’s not the America we live in.  Its not equal justice when a kid gets thrown in jail for stealing a car while a CEO gets a huge raise when his company steals billions.  We have one set of laws on the books but there are really two legal systems.”  She goes on to say:  “It’s not equal justice when someone hooked on opioids gets locked up for buying pills on the street, but bank executives get off scot-free for laundering nearly a billion dollars of drug cartel money.”

The full speech can be seen here:

The bank that got away with laundering nearly a billion dollars of drug cartel money was HSBC.  They are just one of the banks that has given money to the Clinton’s for speeches, donations, and/or their foundation as seen in this video:

On Jan 29, 2016 Elizabeth Warren released a report “Rigged Justice” in which 20 of the worst federal enforcement failures of 2015 were discussed.  One of the points made in the report is this:

“The Obama Administration has made repeated promises to strengthen enforcement and hold corporate criminals accountable, and the DOJ announced in September that it would place greater emphasis on charging individuals responsible for corporate crimes. Nonetheless, both before and after this DOJ announcement, accountability for corporate crimes is shockingly weak.”

In fact under the Obama administration only one Wall Street CEO has been prosecuted for fraud.  Out of the 20 cases in the report only one individual was held accountable for corporate wrongdoing; and that case involved multiple deaths. The report points out that in many of the settlements made with federal agencies the companies weren’t even required to admit to doing anything wrong.

It doesn’t do any good to talk about needing to pass regulations, or even passing them, if they are not going to be enforced or are weakly enforced.  The law might as well not have been written or passed.  The overwhelming conclusion of Sen. Warrens report is that, “corporate criminals routinely escape meaningful prosecution for their misconduct.”  She concluded an opinion editorial  piece released on the same day as the report with the following:

“Legislative agendas matter, but voters should also ask which presidential candidates they trust with the extraordinary power to choose who will fight on the front lines to enforce the laws. The next president can rebuild faith in our institutions by honoring the simple notion that nobody is above the law, but it will happen only if voters demand it.”

The full report can be found here:  http://www.warren.senate.gov/files/documents/Rigged_Justice_2016.pdf

Below is an analysis of the opinion piece by the Young Turks:

To note Elizabeth Warren has not endorsed a Presidential candidate yet.  The Young Turks analysis is their opinion on her opinion editorial.


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