Recycled Book Reading Challenge

I love reading books; I just don’t love the price tag that my habit entails.  So, the majority of my books come from relatives, library old book sales, thrift-stores, garage sales, etc. I prefer a book that I can touch and smell the ink on the pages to the electronic e-book version.  The type that in a rain storm I can curl up with and read for a while.  The majority of them are older books and not the current best-sellers.  So doing a book review seemed a bit strange.  Like why bother writing a review of a book that was a year, two, three, or more years old?  Most of the book reviews I read are from people doing reviews of Advanced Reader Copies or close enough to the release date.

On the blog, LifeExperimentBlog, I ran into this post: “Recycled Book Reading Challenge“.  There was this line in the post:

“All books are important, each in their own way.”

A good reminder that all books are important, and fun to read.  Just because it happens to be older doesn’t matter.  Maybe that older book is a gem; or maybe it should be tossed on the permanent donation pile.  No one could possibly know or have read every book.  The basic premis of the challenge is to dig out the pile of old books, dust them off, and read them.  Then share a review, commentary, opinion, etc. of the book.  Here are the requirements for the challenge, from the blog post on LifeExperimentBlog:

“Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Beginning once the challenge is accepted, pick an old find, dust it off, take a good photo and start reading.
  • If you would to tag some fellow bloggers, which you think might enjoy the challenge…feel free to spread the joy!
  • On the 1st day of every month for the next 12 months, post a review of the book, commentary, joke, or opinion (complete with photo).
  • Please include in the post a ping back to the challenge or challenger
  • Link to your book post on this comment section, and announce our next months book

What do you think? 12 recycled books of your choosing, in 12 months?

Please share, link, repost, reblog or pass along…The more, the merrier!”

This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments.  The challenge also falls into that, “if you need an excuse to read a book here is one” category.  Not that many book lovers I know need anything more than, “ohhh a book I haven’t read” as an excuse to read one.  Considering how many books I have in my closet, and in boxes; I think it’s fine to post reviews of the books more often than just on the 1st of every month.

Happy reading.


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