Book Review: “Hush” By Robards

For my first book review I picked “Hush” by Karen Robards.  It was published by Pocket Books in 2014.

Book Synopsis (back cover details):

“Riley Cowan’s former father-in-law is in jail, accused of financial fraud. The once-powerful family: ruined. Hundreds of millions in investors’ money: unaccounted for.  Her ex-husband: gone–one of the many mysterious deaths at the firm since the scandal broke.”

The description goes on:

“Sexy FBI agent Finn Bradley wants to figure out what Riley knows.  At first she won’t talk.  But she has just one week to find the money, and only Finn can help her make sense of the clues.”

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it 2-It was alright, 3-I liked it, 4-It was pretty good/well done, 5-It was excellent

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 2.25
  • Heroine Likability: 2.25
  • Hero Likability: 2.5
  • Read more than once: No.

This book was neither the best; nor the worst, book I have read.  It isn’t one that I would read again either.  The story plot overall was good: ex-father-in-law guilty of financial fraud decides to hide a lot of money before he goes to jail.  Everyone he swindled that could go after the money was going after it; including the government.  The family he left behind had to deal with the fall out.

The majority of the book is about uncovering a secret that the heroine and her mother-in-law have.  They lie, or just don’t tell the complete truth, to everyone.  Not even after the heroines ex-husband dies, she is nearly drowned in a tub, and her sister-in-law is kidnapped does she just come out and spill this big secret.  The secret is revealed to the reader before the hero gets to find out.  The justification for the initial secret is a bit thin.

Add in some tension between the heroine and the hero, dash in some romance, and there is the novel.  The only real question at the end is who kidnapped the sister-in-law; which was a bit thin as the character in question didn’t spend much time on the page.

The other reasons that I gave the book a 2.25:

  • language: cussing and swear words,
  • some awkward sentences,
  • awkward descriptions
  • long run-on sentences,
  • and a lot of passive sentences that didn’t need to be there,
  • mistakes that a simple internet search would have prevented,
  • the author does a lot of things that new authors are warned to never do.  If a new author shouldn’t do them then an older author shouldn’t either.

Where they didn’t take away from the readability they did chip away at the book rating.

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Updated on 4/6/2017 to reflect the rating on a 1-5 Scale.


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