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Can pick just about any week, month, or year and those three posts are in the top three in that order.  The top search terms as they relate to Shaklee are a combination of the following:

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A short review of Shaklee and their history from my 2013 blog post:

“Shaklee is a multi-level marketing (mlm) company that has been around since 1956. It was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee who in 1915 created “Vitalized Minerals”. They sell a wide range of products: supplements, weight loss, water filtration, beauty, and household supplies.”

They do differ from a traditional Multi-Level Marketing company is that a person can make money without ever having someone sign up as a distributor or member beneath them.  In fact a person could make money by just being a member and re-selling the products at the retail price.  Although the bonuses and other incentives start at the Distributor Membership.

Shaklee has a six part video series about them, how to join and how to make money:

In looking at the search terms used to find the post as questions, here are some of the answers based on my research and/or experience.

How do the points work?

Every item a person buys from Shaklee comes with it’s own Point Value.  As you, and those beneath a distributor, buy things the personal group volume (the point values) add up.  The higher the personal group volume; the higher the rank a person can go.  As they state in the “Dream Plan How it Works” pdf, “most of the ways you make money in Shaklee are based on Point Value.”

How to earn money?

According to “The Shaklee Deam Plan: How it Works” by Shaklee there are nine income streams.  Seven of them are bonuses that are earned when specific criteria are met.  One of them is the ability to earn points toward trips and other rewards that do have monetary value.

Leaving the last income stream being the “Price Differential“.  The price differential is the difference between your cost and what you sell the product for.  Using my favorite eye cream, Enfuselle Eye Treatment, as an example.

  • Suggested Retail Price: $24.70
  • Member Price: $21.00
  • Point Value: 16.12

If I purchased it for $21.00 and sold it to someone else for $24.70 I then earned $3.70 on that sale.  Keep in mind if you live in a state that collects sales tax; Shaklee will collect the sales tax on the order you place.  You will have to check with your states Department of Revenue on your responsibilities for collecting and submiting to them sales tax on items you then re-sell.  You also have shipping and handling fees.

Can you make money with Shaklee?

As it says in their Shaklee Dream Plan Brochure you will need to “share…with friends and family by introducing and selling Shaklee products.”  Everyone becomes a potential client.  They recommend the formula:

  1. Find Three Builders (Distributors)
  2. Find 10 Customers
  3. Do it Again

If you invest in a Personal Website people can order directly from there, and sign up as a member.  The personal websites cost: $29.95 set up fee (waived as Gold Ambassador), and then $14.95 per month for the first site, $7.50 for each additional.  Sales tax applies in AZ, DC, HI, MS, SD, TN, TX, UT, WV.  If you don’t have a personal website you can keep inventory on hand to sell to people; or only get inventory when a person puts in an order.

When it comes to membership sign ups if you are a distributor you can “sponsor a member”.  From what I understand you will either have to have their credit card information to enter into the form for billing; or you will have to bill them separately.  Another option is to have them call Shaklee; and make sure they have your name and/or Shaklee ID number to be assigned to you.  Then Shaklee is setting up their account and taking the credit card information.

Shaklee does have a return policy on all of their products so if a person isn’t satisfied in the majority of cases they can return the product within one year.  There are some limitations to that as outlined in their return policy.  When it comes to large quantities of Inventory being returned to Shaklee the distributor must resign.

Shaklee’s Average Earnings Disclosure:

In the documentation by Shaklee there are two different “Average Earnings Disclosures”.   The ranks go from Director all the way up to what they call a Presidential Master Coordinator.  As you meet the requirements for the ranks you move up.  Below are the bottom three levels and the Earnings Disclosures listed in each brochure:

On page 11 of the “The Shaklee Dream Plan How it Works” brochure it states:

Average Annual Income by Rank based on 2012 figures:

  • Director: $9,847
  • Senior Director: $12,246
  • Coordinator: $21,506
In the brochure “Live Well With Shaklee Dream Plan” page 8 states for those same three ranks:

Average Annual Income (updated 2015):

  • Director: Lowest 1/3 earned $4,674; Average $10,357; Average of the highest 1/3 $18,859
  • Senior Director: Lowest 1/3 earned $6,236; Average $13,317; Average of the highest 1/3 $23,576
  • Coordinator: Lowest 1/3 earned $9,668; Average $20,859; Average of the highest 1/3 $35,479

What an individual earns depends on how much time and effort they put into the business.  So your earnings most likely will differ.  All the disclosure tells you is that on average for those groups that is what Shaklee paid people; it doesn’t tell you their net earnings.

Common Objections:

The products can cost a bit more than alternatives that are out there.  That is one of the largest challenges of selling Shaklee products.  The main response to that objection is the quality of the products.  Here is a video by their Chief Science Officer about their products:  (

They do have some great products.  Some that also last a long time when used economically.  For example Basic H; highly concentrated with lots of cleaning uses: (

For example I use the Basic-H for among other things:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Tables, doors,
  • Car wash
  • Dishes
  • Apholstry cleaner

The other most common objection is: why should I take supplements?  There is a video that covers that as well: (



  • Average possible earnings statement from Shaklee can be found:
    • Page 8 of this brochure:
    • Page 11 of this brochure:
  • All items, products, prices and promotions are controlled by Shaklee and as such are subject to change when Shaklee changes them.  For current information go to:, contact your distributor, or contact Shaklee Customer Support.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Shaklee products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • In keeping with full disclosure I have family that are Distributors of Shaklee products.  I am not paid for my opinion, comments, or reviews of Shaklee or any Shaklee product.
  • Always consult a doctor prior to starting any supplement or weight loss program.

Edited on 4/19/2016 to add in the Earnings Disclosure information from Shaklee.


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