New Neighbors

When it came to my garden I used to have to be concerned with my dog, birds, the ocassional rabit eating stuff.  The other night I looked out and saw the new neighbors:


Deer Copyright Roseylinn 2016
This explains a few things.

From what I understand they have been coming around for at least the past two weeks.  I can hardly blame them the field is an all you can eat buffet for a deer.  It also explains some mysterious prunning.

They haven’t found my garden or my roses yet.

Double Roses
Double Roses 🙂

There is a fence they could easily jump over if they wanted between them and it.  Not to mention my little dog; although I’m sure he isn’t much of a match for them.  More of a headache with all the barking.



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  1. They are always a majestic sight as they shyly creep in. They must be all over the US—poor things, we destroy their habitat and they have no place to go. In suburban NY they frequently get hit in the road near Pocantico Hills, the Rockefeller estate. They gave lyme disease to my nearby friends.

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